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We have new blueberries in production this year
Patriot, Blueray & Duke  along with our past varieties of Toro & Draper

Our elderberry patch is in repair mode so we will have to see what comes up in the spring.

Ozark Berry Farm, LLC produces Native Plants, Blueberries, Blackberries and Elderberries and is near the Village of Leasburg MO.

Alan & Lil are committed to sustainable farming practices to bring you unique and high quality berries and flowers.  

We find adventure and wonder in nature be it a beehive active with thousands of workers or a cluster of elderberry flowers as big as a dinner plate.  We are hopeful that our farm can share some of this amazing wonder with you as well as delightful berries and flowers.

Also visit our Facebook Page Berries, Bugs and Blooms to read about our
latest great adventure !



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